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Friday, September 2, 2011

New Image Minerals

New Image Minerals sent me some samples and here are my swatches and a few looks!
Here from top to bottom: Cotton Candy, Cosmic, Sweetie, And Valentine. I know Valentine is a blush but I think it would also be cute as a matte colour!
This picture isn't that great, Sweetie is very beautiful, Its a duochrome soft pink and light gold. One of my favorites! And Cosmic is MUCH brighter!

From top to bottom: Cobble Stone, Shimmer, Toasted Almond, and Antique Lace. Toasted Almond is a gorgeous bronze colour. And Antique Lace is the best highlighter I own now! I absolutely LOVE it!

Top to bottom: Tango, Shiver, Lemon Drop, and Ocean. Ocean is sooo incredibly bright!

Top to bottom: Karma, Merlot, Forest Nymph, and Metal Head. Merlot is one of my favorites, Its a deep red, with bronze undertone. Gorgeous! and Karma is a warm brown with blue sparkle.

And now on to some FOTDs!
Not a great picture at all, I think I was going out to run errands. But here I'm wearing Shimmer, Toasted Almond, A bit of Karma in the outer crease, and Antique Lace as my high light. Got tons of compliments, because the warm browns made my blue eyes POP!

I really liked this look. I was getting ready for work and I had just dyed my hair from green(and always having to wear a hat to cover it) to a very blue black, and I wanted to stand out!  I used Shimmer, Merlot on the crease and lash lines and Antique Lace as my highlighter( I wasn't lying when I say its my new favorite!) Everyone loved this look! Got TONS of compliments on it!

Overall I LOVE New Image Minerals! I think they are WONDERFUL and very well made. Her shadows are very easy to blend and I just love them!

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