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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Been too long!!

It has been way too long since I last posted, and way to long since I've gotten any new cosmetics. But now I finally broke down and bought a BH Cosmetics 88 Matte Palette! And I love it!!! It is so amazing! I have swatches of all the colours and a look I wore to work today!

All pictures from top left to bottom right is one vertical row of 8 on the palette.
The first few are very light and are perfect highlighters!
The yellow was a little disappointing compared to the picture, but it is still a nice colour.
Couldn't get a still picture of the greens, but they are all wonderful!

The teals are much brighter in person than the picture shows!

Love the bright blue!
The indigos are super pretty, especially the second to last one!
Couldn't get a good picture of the pinks either, but they are very bright!
The purples are very nice.
The oranges are very bright, but the picture does no justice to the reds, they are uber bright!!!!
The more natural ones are very pretty as well.
The silvers are really cool, and the two blacks are the perfect brown black and matte black.

If you click on them and see the detail, the slight sparkle makes it look like the painting Starry Night.

I only paid about 13 dollars, including shipping, because of a sale and I conclude that this palette is amazing! and an amazing steal!

Friday, September 2, 2011

New Image Minerals

New Image Minerals sent me some samples and here are my swatches and a few looks!
Here from top to bottom: Cotton Candy, Cosmic, Sweetie, And Valentine. I know Valentine is a blush but I think it would also be cute as a matte colour!
This picture isn't that great, Sweetie is very beautiful, Its a duochrome soft pink and light gold. One of my favorites! And Cosmic is MUCH brighter!

From top to bottom: Cobble Stone, Shimmer, Toasted Almond, and Antique Lace. Toasted Almond is a gorgeous bronze colour. And Antique Lace is the best highlighter I own now! I absolutely LOVE it!

Top to bottom: Tango, Shiver, Lemon Drop, and Ocean. Ocean is sooo incredibly bright!

Top to bottom: Karma, Merlot, Forest Nymph, and Metal Head. Merlot is one of my favorites, Its a deep red, with bronze undertone. Gorgeous! and Karma is a warm brown with blue sparkle.

And now on to some FOTDs!
Not a great picture at all, I think I was going out to run errands. But here I'm wearing Shimmer, Toasted Almond, A bit of Karma in the outer crease, and Antique Lace as my high light. Got tons of compliments, because the warm browns made my blue eyes POP!

I really liked this look. I was getting ready for work and I had just dyed my hair from green(and always having to wear a hat to cover it) to a very blue black, and I wanted to stand out!  I used Shimmer, Merlot on the crease and lash lines and Antique Lace as my highlighter( I wasn't lying when I say its my new favorite!) Everyone loved this look! Got TONS of compliments on it!

Overall I LOVE New Image Minerals! I think they are WONDERFUL and very well made. Her shadows are very easy to blend and I just love them!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Simply Just Minerals!

I got some free samples from Simply Just Minerals yesterday and here is what I got!
Slushy, Grape Parfait, Pinky and Key West

Naveah, Key Lime, Mint
I absolutely love these colours!

Here are some pictures of a look I did with some of the shadows.
Im wearing Mint, Slushy, and Grape Parfait!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spectrum Cosmetics looks!

The wonderful Torik from Spectrum Cosmetics sent me some gorgeous eye shadows. Here are swatches and some looks!
Monday, Hill, Sabbath, Aqua, and Spring Fling

Virgin, Sultana, In Bloom, Raven, and Smoke

Virgin has become my favorite highlight, and In Bloom is just one of my favorites!

In Bloom in the inner corner, Dubloon under inner corner, Crimson on outer corner, and Virgin as a highlight.

Scale, Smoke and Raven, Virgin as a highlight.

Virgin, Smoke, Raven, and IN Bloom on the brows.

Sassy, Iris, Lenore, In Bloom under inner corner, and Chemical X under outer corner. And a mix of In Bloom and Iris on top.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Boredom equals opaque lipgloss!

I was bored and had some hemp lip balm and a bit of pigments and I came up with these! I love them, now just to find a reason to wear them!

All of them in little plastic cups!

Yellow, very sheer, and shimmery!

A sheer purple! Its very nice!

I didn't put this on very evenely, but its still a beautiful color!
Sheerish blue.

And my favorite of them all! A very opaque green! lol

Very soon I will post my new looks with Spectrum cosmetics! I have a couple pics taken, but I would like to get some more!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Super Excited!

More eye shadows from Spectrum Cosmetics are on their way to me! Compliments of Torik2009! I'm super excited! Also, did anyone watch How I met Your Mother? It was AMAZING!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spectrum Cosmetics!

Looooove these new colors soooooooo much!!! I got my order in the mail yesterday and I'm in love! I'm usually the one who only gets bright colors, maybe a dark one every now and then to use as a definer, but I have been in the mood for darker tones and golds! So on to the swatches!
Excuse the crappy pictures, I need a new camera,lol
Here is Soil and Coffee Grounds

Here is Chemical X, Neptune, Forrestry, and Alloy.
Alloy is much better in real life, a deeper silver.

Here is Foiled, Vintage, Dubloon, Fools Gold, and Fort Knox.
These are my favorites of all the shadows I got, I'm loving the different tones of the golds!

Here are Siren, Crimson, Grapes of Wrath, Sugar Plum, and Dementia.
Siren is much more purple than blue, and dementia has a great purple undertone.

Here are Sassy, Lenore, Manic, Iris, and Haze.
Sassy is an opal color, this picture does it no justice. You can barely see it but its gorgeous!

On to the EOTD!

 The colors I'm wearing here are Foiled, then Fools Gold, and Crimson on the outer corner blended into the crease. I love these colors! I'm so excited to do other combos!