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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Need to actually stay up on this!

Sorry, I always forget I have this, hopefully I actually start getting into it,lol well here are a few looks from the past week. I ordered some eyeshadow samples from Torik2009 who runs Spectrum Cosmetics, I loooooooove the colors I got. I ordered alot of matte shadows.
Here first is my swatches of the colors the day I got them. I was so happy to try them out I opened the envelope as soon as I got it and sat down with my mom and swatched them. Soooo purdy!
Here they are! Not the greatest picture, but it shows how bright they are despite bad lighting. Here is Wicked, Poe, Spearmint, Scale, Sultana, Fatality, Submarine, Tangelo, Harlequin, Ferric and Brunswick.

These colors are Submarine, Harlequin, Brunswick, and Ferric. I looove them soo much!

These are Fatality, Tangelo, Submarine, Harlequin, Brunswick, Ferric and a little bit of poe in the corner.

I love how well these shadows blend and how bright they are, the only problem I have with them is you have to put put it on gently or you get a lot of fallout. Otherwise they are perfect and I'm actually waiting to receive my second order of shadows any day now. and Will definitely make a post about them.

PS soon I will start posting regularly! I promise! lol

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