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Sunday, March 6, 2011

OK real start now!

Ok I'm officially starting regularly blogging now,lol. Hello I'm Shelby! I'm from California, and I love make-up, hair, animals, music, my truck, my job, and a whole lot of other crap. I thought I'd start out with some older pictures of my make-up looks, most I don't remember what brands, but the ones I remember I will post!
Here is one from the end of last year, Pretty sure its all Shiro Cosmetics, just can't remember which ones. The lipstick is an orange from Manic Panic that I cannot find anywhere! I got it in a grab bag.
This was a long time ago, at least 2 years ago. Its all Enigma shadows, it sucks she stopped selling, I loved her colours!
 This is from prolly 2 years ago, The colours are Enigmas' UV reactive eye shadows, I loved wearing these colours with this lipstick, same Manic Panic orange.
 This one is from the end of last year as well. Enigma shadows, I believe this one was called Jasper.

And me today, Was about to head to the library when I decided to take a picture before my makeup had a chance to mess up, my eyes tend to itch like hell during the beginning of spring,lol. These are all Shiro Cosmetics shadows. From inner corner: Weepinbell, Mew, Hearts and Zora.

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