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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spectrum Cosmetics!

Looooove these new colors soooooooo much!!! I got my order in the mail yesterday and I'm in love! I'm usually the one who only gets bright colors, maybe a dark one every now and then to use as a definer, but I have been in the mood for darker tones and golds! So on to the swatches!
Excuse the crappy pictures, I need a new camera,lol
Here is Soil and Coffee Grounds

Here is Chemical X, Neptune, Forrestry, and Alloy.
Alloy is much better in real life, a deeper silver.

Here is Foiled, Vintage, Dubloon, Fools Gold, and Fort Knox.
These are my favorites of all the shadows I got, I'm loving the different tones of the golds!

Here are Siren, Crimson, Grapes of Wrath, Sugar Plum, and Dementia.
Siren is much more purple than blue, and dementia has a great purple undertone.

Here are Sassy, Lenore, Manic, Iris, and Haze.
Sassy is an opal color, this picture does it no justice. You can barely see it but its gorgeous!

On to the EOTD!

 The colors I'm wearing here are Foiled, then Fools Gold, and Crimson on the outer corner blended into the crease. I love these colors! I'm so excited to do other combos!

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